At Which the Flight, an exhibition that I curated and organized, was on view at 630 Flushing ave., Brooklyn, from September 21 to October 5.

The exhibition consisted of of paintings, drawings, prints and sound reflecting upon transient encounters with nature. The artists in this show approached nature as a site of or catalyst for transformation; as a place, much like an artist’s studio, for exercising the perceptive capacity, for stimulating the imagination, or for confronting and orienting oneself within the otherness of the world. In addition to the works shown, the show included an ambient sound piece created by John Bartley in response to the space. For the opening reception electronic musician Lightbath performed a set co-opting the frequencies from a plant connected to a MidiSprout.

Participating artists: Jill Brandwein, Oscar Perry, Rowan McNaught, Ben Haggard, Maureen Anderson, John Bartley, Kristin McKinney, Hank Ehrenfried and Madeline Rupard.