Things have an internal equivalent in me; they arouse in me a carnal formula of their presence. Why shouldn’t these correspondences in turn give rise to some tracing rendered visible again, in which the eyes of others could find an underlying motif to sustain their introspection of the world? — Maurice Merleau-Ponty, Eye and Mind

My work explores correspondences between patterns in nature and my own habits of being and beholding. I favor mediums like drawing and ceramic clay that, in their immediacy, facilitate a dialogue between my perceptions and the material. Through intuitive processes, I create works that parallel how I see — both with respect to the limitations of my vision and its capacities for revelation.

I create my drawings through an aggregate of marks that I build into a luminous surface. These marks, like the natural abundance they refer to, both contain and expose depth; at once disclosing and veiling form.

Like the surfaces of my drawings, my ceramic sculptures balance hiding and revealing, at once reflecting light and concealing space. As visual objects often containing unseen space, they refer to the interplay between visual patterns in nature and the invisible forces that undergird them.